New DevSoc Presidents!

As the final term of the year began it became time to elect the new president of DevSoc.


For the first time in the societies existence a coalition has been formed by two members. Adam Slack and Dean P. Ottewell decided that it would be in the best interests of the society that they take on an equal partnership and division of labor. The benefits of this coalition mean that both members can focus on their strengths and bring to the society the things that they feel will benefit everyone the most.


The Top Priority for Adam and Dean is to bring a level of prestige and popularity that it had in previous years. As the Size of the society has dwindled they wish to create an environment that will act as an incubator for new members, bringing them into the fold and helping them get as much out of the university experience as possible.

To do this they plan to create as many events as possible; workshops, talks and social events that will help to attract as many opportunities for members to develop and progress as academics and individuals. They have already ran a workshop on Arduino’s and are in constant communication with lecturers for events that can be set up for DevSoc.


Together Adam and Dean are currently in the process of setting up Uni Jam 2015! in continuation of the prior Uni Jam they hope for this to be a huge event, for all students in the country. With luck the event will become a yearly occurrence. Plans are still in their early days, however things are moving along at a lightning pace! More information about Uni Jam 2015 will be posted as regularly as possible as things progress.


Jump Jam 2015 – Game City & The National Videogame Arcade

The Weekend just gone saw the occurrence of Jump Jam! A nice little game jam centered around the theme of jumping. The event was held on the opening weekend of The National Videogame Arcade and was situated in the building. Four 1st year members of DevSoc entered it as their first ever participation of a Jam.


The members of the team were: Adam Slack, Matthew Rosegreen, Luke Metcalfe and Dean Ottewell. As a group they felt the jam was a success. Considering that it was their first jam they didn’t know what to expect. Taking a fun and relaxed approach to the evening meant that enjoyment of the weekend was the number one priority. Proud to have completed a game within such a short time frame the team are really pleased. Amounting to only around 15 hours of work from the group – This is taking into consideration sleeping and eating of course!


To See some of the over Games submitted visit the JumpJam Submission Page or visit our @Devsoc Twitter to see some photos of the presented Games.

Scratch to Python : British Scienece Week 2015

Science Fair occurred today at Nottingham Central library and it was a buzz.
A DevSoc member Dean had a terminal teaching scratch. He then compared that to python, using pygame. In hopes of inspiring young people to learn programming, the DevSoc team were assisted in the event and allowed Dean to bring along the ardunio RC car they have been working on to show off alongside various python projects.


Primarily the plan was to teach the game flappy bird in Scratch, this was due to its current popularity. We felt this might create more engagement amongst the children.


Too reinforce the learning in scratch a flappy birds game created in python  was brought along for them to look at.


If anyone is interested in learning about Python or scratch, or would like more information about the session or examples that were used then get in contact with the DevSoc Team.


- DevSoc


Arduino Project

Dev Soc Members Adam and Dean have been working with Arduino’s for the past few weeks.


Here is their current progress!



A Simple Little Bluetooth controlled Robot that you operate through an app on your phone.
Their next Steps is to have it stream a video to your phone so you can see where you are driving it even if you are not with the car.


Might need the help of a Raspberry Pi!


- Dev Soc

Arduino Workshop – 20th March 2015

The Arduino Workshop was success! As part of British Science week we hosted an informative and interactive session all about Arduinos.


A number of 1st year Computer Science students came and had a great introduction into what Arduinos are, and what you can do with them. In a short space of time they managed to get all the components that would be required to make their own RC Car.



If you missed out on the workshop and would like more information on exactly what Arduinos are, follow this link to their website.


- Dev Soc

Dev Soc. We’re Back!

2015 is going to be an exciting year for Dev Soc. From Workshops, to Jams there are plenty of events up and coming. Keep your eyes open on this site for more information on what Dev Soc are up to, and for how you can get involved.

Currently Dev Soc are taking part in the up and coming Jump Jam! Hosted at Game City in Nottingham city center on the 28th January, details for the event can be found here:


On top of the jam a current project that members are working on involves creating a game controlled by IR LED Goggles that will be detected through the Wii Remote. If you’re interested in taking part in this, then come Visit the Dev Soc room in NTU MAE 124.


From now on an ongoing project will consist of updating and re-vamping the Dev Soc Website. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated!


- Dev Soc

Global Game Jam 2013

It’s that time of year again! Last weekend was Global Game Jam, an annual international games development event. At hundreds of locations around the world, thousands of developers – ranging from veteran professionals to first-timers and hobbyists – raced to build games based on a common theme. And, once again, DevSoc was among them.

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Uni Jam 2012 – Debrief

As you are all aware, last weekend was Uni Jam 2012. This debrief will go to everyone involved in the event and will cover general information about participants, issues that were encountered and how they were resolved, a prize break down and acknowledgements for support received from sponsors and other third parties.



Students from the following universities attended the event:
Nottingham Trent University
University of Nottingham
Kingston University
City University London
University of Derby
University of York
University of Warwick
Anglia Ruskin University

When registration closed, 56 competitors were signed up for the event. However, for various reasons only 44 of the expected 56 took part.

One team (four students from the University of Nottingham) explained a few days prior to the event that they would not be able to attend due to an unexpected increase in work load.

Another team was expected to arrive from the University of Manchester, but none of the five members of this team were present.

There was a team put together from students who had signed up as individual participants, but three of these students dropped out on the day leaving only two members at the jam. It was agreed that they would be allowed to continue as a team of two as the circumstances were out of their control.


Problems Encountered

The main issue that was encountered throughout the entire weekend was a problem with the Wi-Fi. At the beginning of the event teams began trying to set up source control for their projects, as well as use search engines such as Google to determine if their ideas were plausible. In most cases they either couldn’t connect or found that websites took an impractical length of time to load.

This problem was quickly resolved by a suggestion from Demos that we move the competitors to a nearby location in Newton where signal strength seemed to be better. Tables were set up and teams were asked if they would like to move. Due to the large amount of stewards on hand, this was a quick process and we were only set back by 40 minutes. Organisers agreed to shift the event timetable back by an hour to make sure that participants weren’t at a disadvantage due to lost time at the start.



It is clear from the video footage taken during the event that the general atmosphere was great. Everyone was happy to talk to us and explain how things were going, and everyone was smiling even in the middle of the night people were struggling to stay awake! Even in cases where development was being halted by bugs and other issues, all the students managed to stay positive and enjoy themselves.

Another highlight was when a member of the team from Warwick University offered to help the 2 man team (from Kingston and London City University) with a maths problem. This goes a long way to showing that although it was a competition, the spirit of the event was friendly and students from different universities were able to work together to create brilliant games.

A quote from the DevSoc Facebook page following the event was “I came to Uni in October, hoping to be able to learn how to make games, and with DevSoc, I successfully made one after a month. Can’t argue with that!!!” This is what the vision for the game jam was all about, so feedback like this has made all the work worthwhile.

Prize Categories

Prizes were awarded by the judges as follows:
Accessibility – NTU DevSoc (Patrick Merritt, Paul White, Eamonn Hayden, Charlotte Ash
Game Play – NTU DevSoc (Luke Shires, Alex Roberts, Nick Powell, Charlotte Neill, Russell Claxton)
Graphics – University of York (Samuel Twidale, Joe Williamson, Tom Rosling)
Innovation – Anglia Ruskin University (Ed Horsey, James Roberts, Kieran Linnie, Owen Westfield Bell)
Windows 8/Windows Phone – NTU DevSoc (Luke Shires, Alex Roberts, Nick Powell, Charlotte Neill, Russell Claxton)
People’s Choice – NTU DevSoc (Luke Shires, Alex Roberts, Nick Powell, Charlotte Neill, Russell Claxton)
Random Prize Draw – NTU DevSoc (Eamonn Hayden)



This event would not have been a success without all the support we have received from third parties. Our thanks go to:
Nottingham Trent University – For providing on going support through the planning and running of the event (special thanks to Demos) and providing us with a venue and some money for provisions.

Stewards – For volunteering their time to help run the jam. Some stayed awake for the whole 24 hours to make sure they could help if they were needed.

Microsoft (Lee Stott) – For sponsoring the Windows 8/Windows Phone category, Peoples choice category and random prize draw. Lee not only judged the competition, but was also present throughout the event to give ongoing support.

Mode7 Games (Paul Taylor) – For judging the competition and providing a Frozen Synapse key to everyone who participated in the event.

David Smith – For judging the competition and providing ongoing support throughout the competition.

Pocketeers – For sponsoring for the Innovation prize category.

Marmalade – For sponsoring the Game Play prize category.

Desura + Indie Royale – For sponsoring the Innovation prize category.

Pololu – For sponsoring the Accessibility prize category.

Rebellion + 2000AD – For sponsoring the Graphics prize category.

Insane Dev (Steven Batchelor-Manning) – For sponsoring the Accessibility prize category and coming down to the venue to show support.

Dynamite Jack – For sponsoring the Graphics, Innovation, Accessibility and Game Play prize categories.

Wiseman Designs – For providing treats for all competitors in the form of Haribo and Freddos.


Supported By 

Interested in sponsoring the competition? Let us know by emailing!


Pocketeers Nottingham Trent University Marmalade
Microsoft Dreamspark Game City
Desura Desura Rebellion
2000AD 2000AD Pololu
Mode7Games Wiseman Designs