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Github Basics Workshop

Want to get started with Git but don't know where to start? This workshop will go over creating a Github account, preparing your first repository and pushing your first lines of code to the internet to help you manage all your future projects.

8th February 2023

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Placement Q&A ft. Former and Current Students

This workshop aims to answer any questions and give you a sneak peek into the mystical world of placements

9th November 2022

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Professor Y has gone missing and you're our only hope in finding them! Are you up to the challenge, intern?.

20th September 2022

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C++ Basics Workshop

This workshop aims to answer any questions that you may have regarding C++ for your coursework.

23th March 2022

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C# Support Workshop

Alumni Luke Billington be showing off C# 10 by building a small .NET 6 console application!

16th March 2022

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Let's Make [VS Code Extensions] Workshop

The Let's Make: [BLANK] workshop series is a new initiative by DevSoc to help students expand their personal project portfolios through the supported exploration of all sorts of different technologies.

Interested in building something new?

9th March 2022

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GitHub Basics Workshop

This workshop will guide you through setting up your GitHub account, creating your first repository and discuss the value of having a digital portfolio of your work!

26th January 2022

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C++ Design & Good Practice Workshop

Come tune in to our good design and practices workshop using C++ at 6pm on Wednesday 1st December, delivered by alumni Luke Billington!

1st December 2021


Struggling with HTML/CSS whilst working on your websites? We are hosting a Q&A session to answer any queries that you may have.

17th November 2021

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Halloween Challenge

Are you ready to create some cursed looking code? Really scare some of your fellow Devs?

30th - 31st October 2021

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Python Basics Workshop

This workshop aims to cover Python basics, using Visual Studio Code, good programming practices and planning/testing/debugging your code!

27th October 2021

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IBM Mainframe Workshop

Hannah is running this in-person Mainframe workshop where she'll guide you through the first two levels of the IBM Z Xplore Challenge!

24th October 2021

Placement 101 Q&A Banner
Placement 101 Q&A

Hannah, Peter & Jarad will go over some do's, some don'ts and some advice on getting a placement!

29th September 2021

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Project REvil

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20th September - 1st October 2021

GitHub Advanced Workshop Header
Using GitHub with Git CLI Workshop

So you've got the basics of GitHub down and you're ready to take it to the next level? We have 'git' you covered.

10th March 2021

C++ Support Workshop Header
C++ Support Workshop

Struggling with getting the hang of C++? Fear not! We're here to help you out with the basics.

17th March 2021

Discord Workshop Header
Discord Workshop

Troubles understanding Discord? We will run you through the basics so you can join the rest of us in the DevSoc Discord!

24th March 2021

GitHub Basics Workshop Header
GitHub Basics Workshop

'GIT' ready to learn all about the basics of GitHub next week by signing up for our workshop using the link below!

3rd March 2021

A World of Insecurity Talk Header
A World of Insecurity

An exploration of the evolution of a successful hacker, and cybercriminal... Guest Speaker: John Walker

10th February 2021

Python in Industry Workshop Header
Using Python in the Industry

Looking ahead? Well let's checkout some dos and don'ts of using Python within the industry

20th January 2021

C++ Workshop Header
Design & Good Practice (C++)

It's time to go beyond the textbook and learn a little bit more about what C++ can do.

9th December 2020

Introduction to Cybercrime Header
Introduction to Cybercrime

Ready to learn more about cybercrime? Then this is the talk for you! Guest Speaker: Adrian Winckles.

25th November 2020

MTM Event Header
IBM's Master the Mainframe ft. DevSoc

Join DevSoc in completing MTM's Level 1 and 2 challenges during NTU's Digital Horizons Week!

12th November 2020

Python 2.0 Workshop Header
Python Basics 2.0 Workshop

The second installment of our Python Basics series is here! It's time to level up those python skills

4th November 2020

Halloween Event Header
Halloween Challenge

Are you ready to create some cursed looking code? Really scare some of your fellow Devs?

29th - 31st October 2020

Python 1.0 Workshop Header
Python Basics Workshop

Interested in getting right into the basics of Python? Look no further! We've got a workshop just for you.

21st October 2020

MLH Event Header
Local Hack Day: Learn

Sign up for MLH's Local Hack Day and join DevSoc's guild! Help us climb the ranks by attending sessions.

18th October - 24th October 2020

Project Redacted Header
Project Triumvirate

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28th September - 9th October 2020

Quarantine Game Jam Header
Quarantine Game Jam 2020

A game jam hosted in partnership with NTU's Global Lounge for international students stuck in quarantine.

10 - 17th September 2020

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