Uni Jam 2012


What is it?

Game Jam, was a 24 hour games programming contest between NTU and a number of other universities. 100 people, in teams of 3-5 members, were invited to take part. It is our hope that this event will bring about a sense of friendly competition between universities, and create opportunities for further collaborative and competitive events in the future.



The event will take place over 24 hours, starting Saturday 17th November 12pm and finishing on Sunday 18th November 12pm. Teams will be allowed to enter the venue from 10am on Saturday, to set up their equipment and get situated. Judging will start at 12pm on the Sunday and finish at 2pm, during which time teams will have the opportunity to show case their games and take a look at what other teams made, or catch up on sleep! After this time the winners will be announced and prizes awarded.



The event will take place at the NTU city campus in the Newton Building. This is in the heart of Nottingham and will be easily accessible by public transport. The area provided has capacity for 200 people and includes a lecture hall where you competitors can chill out, store their belongings and where the judging will take place.



Uni Jam 2012 is open to all students, this includes both postgraduates and undergraduates. As long as you are studying at a university you are more than welcome to join us. If you are unsure if you can join us then just drop us an email at info@devsoc.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Teams will be asked to bring their own computer equipment to the event; this includes computers, power cables, and any peripherals they may require. Any programming language can be used, but if libraries or pre-made assets are used then they must be publicly available. Games must be made in their entirety during the 24 hour period, as the use of pre-coded materials or assets will not be allowed. The game theme will be decided by the judges on the day, to ensure that all teams have a fair and equal amount of time to come up with ideas.


Can I get involved?

Of course! We have two types of registration, the first is for teams and second is for individuals. If you already have a team in mind then you can register as a pre-made team. However, if you don’t have a team yet still want to get involved don’t worry! We have individual registration. This means you can come along and we will find you a team!
Looking for promotional material? You can find our poster here. This is regularly updated with our sponsors, so this is the best place to check if you have the most recent version.

Registered Competitors: 59


What about prizes?

There will be five categories in which teams can win a prize, provided by one of our sponsors:

  • Innovation
  • Gameplay
  • Accessibility
  • Graphics
  • Best Windows Phone/Windows 8 game


Pocketeers have offered indie licenses to their SDK AppEasy to each winning team member in the Innovation category. Uni Jam 2012 is advertised on their blogs DrMop and AppEasy.


Marmalade have offered community licenses for their very popular SDK, Marmalade, to each member of the winning team in the Gameplay category. This SDK has been used in many games including Need for Speed Shift, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and COD: World at War zombies. For the full list check out their case studies page, or find more information about Marmalade on their website.


Microsoft will be sponsoring a ‘Best Windows Phone/Windows 8 Game’ category at Uni Jam 2012! Lee Stott from Microsoft has generously offered to provide each member of the winning team with an Xbox Kinect device, as well as a Microsoft tshirt. He will also be attending the jam as a judge for the competition. Uni Jam 2012 can be seen advertised on the Microsoft blog here.


As the event is about indie game development, we wanted to get an indie development company involved, and Desura is now a sponsor of Uni Jam 2012! They will be sponsoring the Innovation category, and each member of the winning team will receive a game bundle from Indie Royale.


As our new found love is robotics and electronics, we feel it is only suitable to try and spread that love to other students. With that in mind we have invited Pololu to sponsor the event, they have offered a host of equipment as a prize for the Accessibility prize category. These prizes are:

With this equipment you can your team can start learning the basic skills required to build your own robot with the Pololu 3pi Robot, once that is done you can expand upon your skills by creating your own bespoke robot with the remaining kit!
To go along side these great prizes from Pololu, our long term supporter InsaneDev.co.uk has very kindly offered to provide 5 Arduino’s to the winners of the Accessibility prize! These great little micro-controllers mean that you can take your robotics projects the a whole new level!
As we are trying to support and promote indie development, we thought the best method of doing this is to offer indie games as prizes. Therefore we invited Dynamite Games to sponsor the event, they responded with by offering 20 copies of their game Dynamite Jack! This prize will be available for each member of the teams that win the following game categories:

  • Innovation
  • Gameplay
  • Accessibility
  • Graphics


The Graphics category will be sponsored by Rebellion, who are providing copies of their worldwide number one console hits Sniper Elite V2! In addition, they have offered to supply copies of award-winning British comic book 2000 AD.
We invited Paul Taylor from Mode7 Games to be one of the three judges for Uni Jam 2012. We were very happy to see that he accepted our proposal, however not only did he accept he also has very generously offered to supply up to five copies of their award winning game Frozen Synapse, which has won the 2012 Independent Game Festival Audience Award, and was nominated PC Gamer Strategy Game of the Year 2011 as well as Indiegames.com Strategy Game of the Year. This means each member of the team that wins the the Game play category will be awarded with a copy of Frozen Synapse.
Wiseman Designs have very kindly shown their support to Uni Jam 2012 by providing an array of very tasty snacks, these come in the form of Haribo and the magnificent Freddo! With over 3kg of Haribo and a box of Freddos to go around I am sure the competitors of Uni Jam 2012 will be very pleased with Wiseman Designs!


Who else is supporting Uni Jam?

Not all sponsorship has come in the form of prizes. Game City and Nottingham Trent University have both given us their full support for this event. NTU have provided us with a brilliant venue for the Jam, as well as funding to help with basic costs.


Game City is helping us to contact many people through their large network of industry professionals. They are also going to be advertising on their website, Game Citizens, for people from the general public who are interested in gaming culture to lend a hand and steward the competition!


Supported By 

Interested in sponsoring the competition? Let us know by emailing info@devsoc.co.uk!


Pocketeers Nottingham Trent University Marmalade
Microsoft Dreamspark Game City
Desura Desura Rebellion
2000AD 2000AD Pololu
Mode7Games Wiseman Designs InsaneDev.co.uk