Introducing DCHP++

We're thrilled to finally be revealing our own programming language, built by DevSoc's finest minds. We've kept this under covers for quite some time, as we've been working on it for years!

We'd like to introduce you to DCHP++ (DevCorp Hyper Processing ++)! This is the programming language that's gonna change the world - for the worst better. We've spent months compiling all the worst things about every programming language known to man and computer and shoved it all into DCHP++.


  • No intellisense: need intellisense or autofill? Well sorry, we don't believe in that.
  • Steep learning curve: worried about the learning curve? Too bad! We haven't bothered to document it at all.
  • VPC: Want Object Oriented Programming? Well we've got Void Position Coding. What's that? Uh, we haven't got a clue.

Good luck, because that's all the documentation we've got!

Getting Started

If you're interested in giving it a go, you can download it here:


Sample code

You can see some sample code below, which shows a very simple addition program.

DEFINE int32 main() { DECLARE int32 first_number, second_number, sum ; INPUT > first_num ; INPUT > second_num ; DEFINE sum = first_number + second_number ; OUTPUT < 'first_number', " + ", 'second_number', " = ", 'sum' ; FINISH 0; }