The Developer's Society

Nottingham Trent University

What is 'DevSoc'?

  • C00lKiD123

    Hi there! Could you tell me a little bit more about DevSoc?

  • DEVS0C_Committee

    Hiya! DevSoc is a society under NTU's Department of Computer
    Science that focuses on all things computer science and IT.

    At DevSoc we welcome all kinds of activities ranging
    from making games to tinkering with hardware.

  • C00lKiD123

    That sounds interesting! How do I get involved?

  • DEVS0C_Committee

    Feel free to check out our Discord server as that's where
    most of our community's discussions take place.

    We also have a room located on the Clifton Campus.
    Room 124 in the Mary Ann Evans (MAE 124) building
    that you can pop into to say hello!

Committee (2020 - 2021)

Peter Lampard
BSc (H) Software Engineering
Photography, Cars and Drones.
Hannah Ashna Jacob
BSc (H) Computer Science (Games Tech)
Gaming, Theatre and anything Punk.
Jarad Johnson-Bailey
BSc (H) Computer Science
Games, DnD and 2000s Pop-Punk.


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Project Triumvirate

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28th September - 9th October 2020

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Local Hack Day: Learn

Sign up for MLH's Local Hack Day and join DevSoc's guild! Help us climb the ranks by attending sessions.

18th October - 24th October 2020

Quarantine Game Jam Header
Python Basics Workshop

Interested in getting right into the basics of Python? Look no further! We've got a workshop just for you.

21st October 2020


Quarantine Game Jam Header
Quarantine Game Jam 2020

A game jam hosted in partnership with NTU's Global Lounge for international students stuck in quarantine.

10 - 17th September 2020

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